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✔️Trading with SeVan✔️

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Please pay attention to the leadership account #VC
Here, a combination of advisors is used, allowing you to trade safely for a long-term period of time. One of the advisers carefully assesses the situation on the market and opens orders, in cases of incorrect analysis, he opens insuring orders with an increased lot. Another adviser monitors the insuring orders and in the case of excessive accumulation of them dynamically slows down the work of the first adviser. Orders are opened less frequently, which means the market will reach the desired position without excessive drawdown of the deposit.
The advantages of the system ✅:

✅ trade is designed for long term
✅ income 15 - 50% deposit monthly
✅ low drawdown
✅ constant monitoring of the system, which eliminates the failures of advisers
✅ in the last 3 months, we managed to adjust the system to the risk level "low" in the ranking of the service Share4you
✅ the seriousness of the trade is confirmed by the deposit size
✅ ongoing system optimization

⭐ I invite all interested investors for long-term cooperation.⭐




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A little bit about money management:

The fact is that I noticed a few negative reviews on my #VC account. And in a review people angrily write that they lost their deposit by copying my trade. At first, I wondered how my drawdown barely rises above 7%, and people lose their deposit! After thinking about this topic, I realized that many people neglect money management and trade with me they put excessive copying ratios.
I identified two reasons for this:
1. People know what they are doing and intend to overestimate the copy factor.
2. People cannot calculate this coefficient correctly, because they do not know how to do it correctly.

I consider it important to give my comments on this. Well, if you intentionally overestimate the coefficient, that is your right, but then, please do not consider me guilty of your losses.
For all others, please follow the following procedure for determining the copy ratio:

          YOUR account balance in USD (for example, $ 3200)
             MY account balance in USD (for example $ 2,600)
               YOUR_COEFFICIENT (for example 1.2308)



The use of other methods to determine this value may lead to the loss of your deposit, or to an underestimated return on investment.




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Friends! For closer and quicker communication, I invite you to join the telegram channel
Here it will be possible:
  - learn in advance about the input and output of funds, in time to change the trade copy ratio
  - discuss current trading issues
  - express your ideas and suggestions
  - ask other questions you are interested in
See you on the channel

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