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Automatically copy leading traders

Share4you is a platform for beginner investors who want to follow others’ success (we call them followers) and experienced traders (we call them leaders) who shares their trades.

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Meet popular leaders

With Share4you you can copy from a wide choice of profitable traders (we call them leaders). Anyone can find the leaders he liked the most!

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As simple as 1, 2, Click

Choose the most liked leader. Enter the amount you wish to invest and click "Start to copy" button and you are ready to go!

Various ways to deposit and withdraw money

Be sure, we deliver fast transfer processing which you can track and we work with all popular transfer types online.

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Are you a good trader?
Earn second income by sharing your trades!

Choose the account for your needs

Professional or beginner, pick one of the 5 account types with different trading conditions and execution types.

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Earn & Share

Set amount of commission you would like to receive for one copied lot. Share part of your leader commission with partners who attract followers for you.

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Generous bonuses for you

Start benefiting from our bonus and cashback programs. When making a deposit to your trading account, choose the extra amount you can further use in trading (up to 100% from the deposit). Cashback program simply offers 50% back from spread and commission.

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Over 150 trading instruments

Our service offers a large variety of instruments for you to trade in different categories — Forex, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

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