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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. Is there a minimum deposit amount to open a Follower account?
    No, there is no minimum deposit to open an account. While to copy trades you need to have at least "Min. Deposit" amount for each Leader account you want to copy. Leaders List column "Min. Deposit" indicates deposit for minimum possible scale.
  2. What types of accounts are available on Share4you?

    The accounts available for copying are: Cent; Cent NDD; Classic; Classic NDD. More information can be found on Trading Conditions page.

  3. How can I become a Leader?
    1. Forex4you clients can use existing log in details to enter Share4you dashboard. Otherwise please register.
    2. Got o Leader’s Dashboard.
    3. If you already have an account click “Add Existing Account to My Leader Accounts”. If you don’t have an account yet, click “Open New Leader Account”.
    4. Make at least 50 USD deposit.

  4. Is there a minimum requirement for opening a Leader account?
    To be visible in Leaders List first deposit should be at least 50 USD.
  5. How often the performance fee is paid?
    The Leader’s performance fee is paid once per day.
  6. How can I become a Leader account using an existing Forex4you account?
    1. Forex4you clients can use existing log in details to enter Share4you dashboard.
    2. Got to Leader’s Dashboard.
    3. Click “Add Existing Account to My Leader Accounts”.
  7. How can I deposit/withdraw funds from my account?
    Deposit/withdraw transactions on Share4you are the same as on Forex4you. All the information about the payment options and fees for depositing/withdrawal can be found on the page Deposit and Withdrawal Options.
  8. Where can I find more information about the Leader account?
    To find out more information about each Leader account, please visit the Leader’s profile by clicking on the Leader’s name in the rating.
  9. How many Leader accounts can I open?
    You can open as many Leader accounts as you need.
  10. Where can I see the number of my followers?
    The Follower information is available in the Leader’s Dashboard. The widget "Trader Summary" (in the upper left corner of the page) shows the total number of your followers, the number of followers for the last 3 days, and the number of potential followers. The widget “Portfolio Performance Chart” (in the center of the page) has a tab "Followers", which displays the dynamics of the rise or fall in the number of your followers over a period of time.
  11. How can I attract followers?
    The most important thing is to trade profitably, so that your Leader account shows high and stable results during prolong period of time. You can also use plenty of other methods to attract Followers. Advertise your Leader account via friends, relatives, financial sites, forums or groups in social networks.
  12. How can I close my Leader account?
    You can deactivate your Leader account anytime through the Leader’s Dashboard by clicking on the link “Deactivate”.
  13. How can I use the Watch List?

    In the watch list, you can add Leader accounts you are interested in. To do this, click button "Watch" in the profile of the chosen leader.

  14. How can I become a Follower?
    1. Log in to Share4you via the login details of your account on Forex4you or create a new account.
    2. Make sure you’re on the Follower’s Dashboard. You can switch between the Follower’s and Leader’s dashboards by using the button on the main menu.
    3. On the page Leaders List, select the Leader, click "Copy", select the account which you start copying to, and then create a rule for copying.
  15. Where can I see the whole list of Leaders?
    The whole list is available on the page Leaders
  16. Can I change the copying scale?
    When creating the copy rule, you can select the copying scale. The scale is the value by which the trading volume will be multiplied (in lots). By default, the trades are copied 1:1, but you can set the scale in the range between 0.01 and 1000. This function will let you increase or lower the risk of copying trades. The higher scale you set, the higher is the risk and potential profit.
  17. Can I copy the trades of several Leaders?
    Yes, you can copy an unlimited number of Leader accounts at a time by using several Followers accounts. Copying several Leaders is one of the ways to diversify your risks.
  18. Can I modify the trade copying process?
    You can modify the trading process at any time (manually open, close or modify any order) or trade on your own via the terminal.
  19. Can I change the copy rule settings?
    You can change the copying rule at any time. You can edit, pause or delete the rule. If the rule settings are changed, new rules settings will be applied only to newly copied orders. If the rule is paused or deleted, you will not receive new copying signals from that Leader. However, the trading orders opened before the rule was paused or deleted will be closed by the signals from the Leader account (by default). Alternatively, you can close them via the trading platform.
  20. Can I close my Follower account at any time?
    No, but you can pause or delete any copying rule at any time.
  21. Is there any guarantee that copied trades will be profitable?
    Forex trading is risky and can result in losing all funds. There is no guarantee that the copied trade of the chosen Leader will be profitable for that Leader or for you. To manage risk, you should use the copying scale and diversification of risk.
  22. How can I diversify my risks?
    To diversify your risks on Share4you, you should learn how to create your investment portfolio. The investment portfolio means dividing your investments between several leaders, who have different strategies, using different financial instruments and having different levels of aggression. At the same time, do not forget to set the copying scale for each Leader.
  23. Can I copy to my existing Forex4you account?
    No. To start copying, you must create a new Follower account.
  24. What is the process of copying?
    In the process of copying, the signals for orders opening and closure are sent from the Leader account to the Follower account. These signals are based on the real trading activity of the Leader account and are sent with minimum delay. All incoming signals are copied according to the copy rules settings.
  25. What is a copying rule?
    Copying rules are all the settings for copying the trades.
  26. Is there any requirement for Leader account to be visible in featured leader lists?
    To be ranked Leader account must have:
    • Passed user verification;
    • Uploaded and verified public picture;
    • Positive current profitability and gain;
    • At least 50 USD historical self-capita and current equity 50 USD;
    • Individual featured list conditions. In order to see each list filters click on "See all"
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