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For Existing Clients

For Existing Clients

Share4you — is an instant order auto-copy service at Forex4you. It can also be called a social trading service or social trading network for our customers. The essence of the service is simple. With the agreement of the user, information about the orders made by that user is made available within the network. Such a user is called a Leader. Other users have the ability to auto-copy Leader orders. These users are called Followers.

Thus, the service opens up completely new opportunities for successful traders and for beginners, or for those who want to improve their Forex trading experience.

What is the benefit?

Share4you is equally beneficial for both sides — Follower and Leader.

If you are a beginner, then by you will be able to copy orders from one or many traders whose accounts have high profitability and whose trading strategy you can trust.

If you are an experienced trader, then and gaining Followers you will be able to additionally increase your income by getting part of the commission for the Followers from Forex4you.

Advantages for Followers

  • Income

    By copying the orders of Leaders whose accounts show profits, a Follower copies proportional income. Risk can also be diversified by copying not one, but several traders at the same time, each of whom have different strategies and different levels of trading aggressiveness. The scaling feature makes this even more manageable and flexible.

  • Saves time

    Once a Follower selects the appropriate Leaders and launches auto-copy, further trading is fully automatic and in general only requires control over the outcome. Followers can also close their orders at any time, change their settings or switch to a fully 'manual mode' to stop copying.

  • Self-study

    By copying successful traders' orders, a Follower can analyze their trading strategies, and learn from their successes and mistakes. Moreover, the scale of orders means a wealth of experience with minimal risk to your money.

Advantages for Leaders

  • Additional income

    Earning part of each Follower's trading commission is the main advantage of this service for owners of a Leader Account. Your Leaders income depends on the number of Followers copying your trades and the amount of funds that Followers use to trade.

What makes Share4you truly unique?

  • Accuracy and transparency

    Orders are copied with minimal or zero slippage. Our service is built to achieve as exactly as possible the price of copied deals, with minimal or zero delays or slippages.

    A Follower choosing a Leader sees the profits of his account in terms of equity. This makes it easy to evaluate the trading success of the Leader in any given time frame

  • Availability and flexibility

    You can start trading with this auto-copy service with as little money as you like, and by copying as few orders as you like.

    Thanks to the Scaling function you can configure the service to change the scale of the copies of orders which a Leader makes. For example, an order for 0.1 lot (10,000 units of base currency) might then be copied to your account in the amount of 0.0001 Lot (10 units of the base currency). In addition, you can choose the leverage for your account by yourself.

    This feature makes Share4you ideal for beginners and those who don't know Forex very well.
    Firstly, it is a great opportunity to test the quality and efficiency of the Share4you service. Secondly it allows careful evaluation of the profitability of any trading strategy of a Leader without the risk of losing any large amounts of money if the Leader made mistakes.

How can you get this service?

Share4you works only on real Forex4you accounts. Any account can be connected to the service except for STP and PAMM accounts.

An important point is that the copying may be freely used between any available account types. But we recommend to use separate account per each copy rule, so you will be able to manage risks in a better way.

As our existing customer, you can connect any of your Forex4you accounts available for integration to Share4you. Your account will be immediately available for Followers and its history and statistics will be available in the Leader's List.

Start right now by discovering the new opportunities offered to you by Share4you!
To do this, just go through a simple process to connect to the service:

To get more information on Share4you you can call our toll-free customer support phone number +442071939932.


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