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For Leaders

Share4you allows you to make additional revenue when your trading activity is copied by other traders.

It has never been this simple. The more successfully you trade, the greater the interest for followers. The more followers, the more extra income you get.

How to become a Share4you Leader trader?

The Share4you service is based on the international broker Forex4you trading accounts.

To become a leader trader you need to select the appropriate type of account available for integration with the service:

  • Cent accounts: Cent, Cent NDD
  • Standard accounts: Classic, Classic NDD

Your account should be at least 30 days old to be included in Leader rating and trading activity should be more than 7 trading days in last 30 days.

How do you get followers?

The best way to attract followers is by having the best performance results.

If your account has appeared in the top 20 ranking table of Leaders, then there will be more people who want to make a profit with you, thus potentially further increasing your revenue.

However, Followers choose Leaders using various criteria. If your account does not show a huge profit overall, but shows a steady, even if not large, return on investment over a larger time interval, then it is also likely that the followers will copy your trades. Please note that account trading activity should be more than 7 trading days in last 30 days. First deposit and current equity should be at least 50 USD. In Leaders Dashboard please fill in your account description in English.

The profile of a Leader contains information that is copied to the summary rating of the leaders and by which followers can find you:

  • Account profitability;
  • Account Age;
  • How many orders have been made;
  • Total volume;
  • Indicator of trading style 'aggression' ( 'the level of risk' for the follower);
  • Trading strategy;
  • Trading description.

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