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Gap level is a criterion of gap activation (if the price gap is equal to or greater than the specified level, the gap mode is engaged). It's used for automatically order's executing by the dealer (both Stop Loss & Take Profit execute at the gap price). Order will be cancelled, if it was placed with the price of Take Profit (Stop Loss) and jumped over the order price and price of Take Profit (Stop Loss) (non-market prices, clauses 4.11 of Client Agreement and 4.13 of Regulation). Gap Level is normally equal to 2 spreads.

Margin - funds on balance available for new order opening and support throughout Forex trading process. For positions that are beeing opened Friday, 2 hours before market close, leverage can be reduced to 1:100.

Limit & Stop level are the minimum distances (differences in pips) of the Limit or Stop order values from the current price. These levels may be increased before and after publication of the big news and also during the news time.

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