Social Trading

Social trading makes participation in financial markets truly accessible to all

Even if you are a total beginner, you can become a market participant thanks to the user-friendly environment of social trading.

Easy to learn

Risk control

Fully automatic

Fast & reliable

No downloads

Copy others’ success

We connect experienced traders (we call them leaders) with those around the world who want to follow their success and earn. You become a follower of the leaders and copy their trading activity. Start as small as you like and use others’ expertise to earn!

How to start copy trading

It is really simple to get started

Choose skillful leaders, follow them and earn by copying their trades.

Choose traders

Follow their activity

Copy their trades

Earn money

Always in control

Share4you gives you all the tools, so you can open or close any copied order at any time. You always have control over your money and only you decide how much risk you are ready to take. And practice will make it perfect!

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